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1/12 BJD DOLL Mason – B.J.Hands (UA kit) – IDEALIAN Custom Dolls

Package: A doll + eyes (random color) + elf ears + 3 pairs of hands. BJD dolls inspire collectors to

1/12 BJD DOLL SHOP – IDEALIAN Custom Dolls

Mix & match: Compatible with most 14-inch dolls,Bjd Shop, outfits,Cute Bjd Dolls, and accessories. Collecting BJD dolls can be an

1/4 BJD DOLL Black Velvet Slip-Ons Cheap

Black velvet slip on shoes.Hair Style :Movable Joints 30cm Doll,Male Bjd,Hair transplant craft makes hair not falling off easilyHer beautiful

1/4 BJD DOLL Brown Leather Shoes with Laces Cheap

Slip on doll shoe with tie strings available in black or brown.Features the christmas series doll – 1/6 scale and

1/4 BJD DOLL Gold Ice Skating Outfit and Medal Fits Cheap Dolls

Outfit and medal only.BJD dolls inspire a sense of creativity in the art of choosing and styling wigs.   Ice

1/4 BJD DOLL Khaki Trench Coat Cheap

Khaki colored trench coat with pink floral lining.Hope Compared with similar dolls,Ball Jointed Dolls For Sale, her face is rich

1/4 BJD DOLL Mod Party Dress & Headband Cheap

Mod white,Bjd Doll Male, black and pink party dress with matching scarf headband.BJD dolls celebrate the artistry that transforms raw

1/4 BJD DOLL Yellow Flamingo Skirt and Pink T-Shirt Cheap

Fits 18″ play dolls including American Girl,Bjd Clothes, Gotz Precious Day,Bjdcollectasy, A Life of Faith,Anime Bjd, etc.BJD dolls celebrate the

1/4 BJD DOLL Yoga Mat (For Cheap Dolls Dolls)

Yoga mat in carrying bag.Be Her Friends Now: She comes to you with 1 x Baby Doll,Bunny Bjd, 1 x