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[NEW] 6 Inch Lottie Doll/Wig S-23-11-15-332-TN-ZS Dollzone Bjd

conditions item description [new product] / Since this product is recycled, there may be stains or dirt not listed. Please

1/12 Bjd 18mm/Glass Eye/Made by GOLEM U-23-11-01-083-NY-ZU Byul Doll

Conditions Item Description Opened / Since this is a recycled product, there may be stains or dirt that are not

1/12 BJD DOLL Branon – Beginning & Ending – IDEALIAN Custom Dolls

Only the topno dolls,Bjd Fox, no other accessories.Pvc customized bjd doll body. BJDs serve as companions that inspire imaginative play

1/3 Bjd SD/Mia: Default wig (9-10 inches): Made by VOLKS S-23-11-08-341-GN-ZS Dollfie Dream Doll

Conditions Item Description Made by VOLKS/No major problems / As this is a recycled product, there may be stains or

1/4 BJD DOLL Mary Jane Shoes (Black) Cheap

Black patent mary jane shoes.BJD dolls reflect the dedication of artists to bringing dolls to life with personality. Fits 18″

1/4 BJD DOLL Polka Dot Bathing Suit Cheap

Orange/Pink/Lavender polka dot bathing suit.Added diversity and more variety in looks and hairstyles provide infinitely more ways to spark imaginations

1/4 BJD DOLL Sling Back Flats (Gold) Cheap

NOT IN STOCK.Clothing: Everyone will like the doll’s clothing,Realistic Bjd Dolls, pink floral suspenders,Bjd Doll Wig, sweet and cute,Loong Soul

1/6 Bjd Doll SD/DWC04 Head U-23-11-15-191-KN-ZU Msd Doll

Terms Item Description VS/VIP Members Only/Not Used / Since this is a recycled product, there may be stains or dirt

1/8 BJD DOLL [1910 Mr.Hoffmann's Toy Box] ID75 Pretty Dolls

Barbie extra minis are 5.5-inch dolls in looks made to slay,Bjd Dragon, featuring over-the-top fashion and accessory pieces,Realistic Bjd Dolls,

1/8 BJD DOLL [Goodbye Spring] Dokkebi Garion Pretty Dolls

These dolls serve as companions that evolve alongside their owners’ interests. Doll set gift: Can be used birthday gift,Bjd Dolls

29.5 cm rose quartz rose doll

Notes about the product Product Details Body, head (no makeup) Release Date September 13, 2017 Gender Female (changeable to male)